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Change your life​

Join me on a free 40-day journey

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Join me on a 40-day journey Building habits that stick.

Together, we’ll combine behavioural science and timeless wisdom to chart a path forward.


Based on the bestselling book Atomic Habits, this 40-day journey will help put you on a path to becoming better. Every day.

If you’re interested in becoming your best self, this is the journey for you.

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40-days to habits that stick
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Here’s what you’ll learn in my FREE 40-days to habits that stick email journey.
  1. How our daily habits can become ‘votes’ for the person we want to be.

  2. The connection between habits and mitzvot (commanded good deeds), and how Judaism guides us to build habits that allow us to continuously grow.

  3. Making and breaking habits in our life.

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Here’s what you’ll get
  • Free access to my 40-day email habit-building journey.

  • Daily emails with lessons and simple assignments to get you started step-by-step (except on Shabbat and Yom Tov which are times to reflect).

  • Access to a customisable Google sheet you’ll be able to work on throughout the journey.

  • A downloadable habit tracker you can use to track new habits or mitzvot throughout the journey.

  • The tools to step into Rosh HaShanah, the Jewish New Year, without some annoying habits and with some wonderful new ones.

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Take the first step with me. Whether you have a habit you want to form or break, are looking for a framework to enhance your life through baby steps in a short time or just want to try something different in the New Year, join me on this 40-day journey as we grow through life!

With blessings

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