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Find out how you can help here!

Your generosity can make a tangible difference in the lives of people in Israel. By donating to reputable causes, you can actively contribute to various initiatives that aim to improve the situation in Israel.

Ways to help:


1) Spiritual boost for our Soldiers
Our community, Kehillat Eretz Hemdah, have accepted the immense responsibility of supplying the 200,000+ tzitzit that have been requested to soldiers across the country as well as other important help. Donate and reach out if your community wants to help tie: here

2) Physical boost for our soldiers:
We have provided well over $1m worth of equipment and supplies to soldiers on the front line. If you would like to support these efforts, please give: here

3) Supporting victims of terror:
Onefamily just expanded with over 1300 people's families and are doing all they can to support them physically, emotionally and in more way than you can imagine. Please give: here

4) Housing for displaced people:
Tens of thousands of Israelis are displaced from their homes and we are facilitating accommodation for them in homes of people that are abroad or not using them currently. If you know of a home and can help please fill out this form: here


5) Volunteer:
Please email with how you would like to help.

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