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Shavuot is when we celebrate the giving of the Torah at Mount Sinai. Here are some useful learning resources ready for you to download and learn alongside friends and family.

In the final stage of converting to Judaism one confirms their commitment, echoing the Jewish people’s pledge at Mt Sinai. We are a nation of converts. And since the revelation, the door has remained open.


Throughout our history, there are converts to Judaism who have made an indelible mark on the Jewish people — and indeed the world. As we approach Shavuot, I am sharing four short snippets of incredible converts and a teaching they shared among thousands of others.


Sometimes when we learn about others, we learn more about ourselves. There is something about the active choice of converts that I find inspiring. It invites us to consider what we choose and how intentional we are about our choices, so that we can live up to our calling as a ‘choosing people’.

Wisdom may come with age, but learning keeps us young. As we approach Shavuot, a celebration of Torah and learning, download seven of the many pathways to learning.

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