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Missing Heroes Initiative

Each person taken captive in Gaza has a community, a family and a life they were living. And, each person is an entire world to someone (Sanhedrin 37a). Sometimes, because we are missing so many individuals, we lose a personal connection to each of the, and often see the missing as a whole collective.

The Missing Heroes Initiative (MHI) empowers communities and individuals to personalize this situation, by adopting a specific name, face and story that they can connect with in a profound way. 


At least one community in Israel and one community abroad will adopt a Missing Hero. This collective endeavor aims to strengthen the global Jewish community's bond with the ongoing situation in Israel as part of our ‘mutual responsibility’ (Shvuot 39a). Through this personal connection, it is anticipated that prayers, activities and actions for the safe return of all the hostages will be more heartfelt and sincere.

How to get involved:


The following are some suggestions of ways you can participate in this global initiative: 

  1. Adopt a missing hero by signing up here: 

  2. Learn their story

  3. Dedicate prayers, learning and good deeds in their honor

  4. Establish a relationship with a family liaison to ensure a direct partnership

  5. Engage in different activities so that the Missing Hero is truly part of your community

7 suggested activities:

In addition to the above (which we will help facilitate), the following are suggested activities that you can do. If you have any other suggestions, you are welcome to do them, or share them with us. 

  1. Say the special prayer for captives consistently (at least once a week, ideally once a day) with your Missing Hero’s individual name among all the others (click here for a link).

  2. Consider classes/sessions/imaginative activities to cultivate empathy and personalize the situation

    • e.g., imagine this was your own sibling, grandparent, parent or child. What would you do differently? 

  3. Encourage children to write letters, prayers, or create artwork for the missing person's family.

  4. Rally support online by urging community members to share stories and images on social media, promote their story in your workplace or school, write to local leaders to raise awareness, etc.

  5. Commit to a weekly or daily Mitzvah (good deed) in the hope of the person's safe return such as extra acts of kindness, donating Tzedakah (charity), etc.

  6. Display their pictures and names on a designated chair in key places such as, in the synagogue, at a shabbat meal, in a classroom, etc, to show that they are missing and we anticipate their return.

  7. Print an item such as an army dog tag or bracelet bearing the missing person's name.


Thank you for partnering together in this important mission: 'And your children shall return to their own border.'

(Jeremiah 31:17)

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If you have suggestions you'd like to share, send them below.

Tell us your Missing Heroes suggestions:
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