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Join me on a 40-day journey
Building habits that stick.

Together, we’ll combine behavioural science and timeless wisdom to chart a path forward.

Based on the bestselling book Atomic Habits, this 40-day journey will help put you on a path to becoming better. Every day.​

If you’re interested in becoming your best self, this is the journey for you.

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#HabitFix Day 1

Welcome to #HabitFix

#HabitFix Day 2

Habits, identity and Mitzvot

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#HabitFix Day of 3

The 1% rule

#HabitFix Day of 4

The getaway habit

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#HabitFix Day of 6

The getaway habit

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RAB1012_Day Six_Social Post 1_WIP1.jpg

#HabitFix Day of 5

Make it clear

#HabitFix Day of 6

Habit stacking

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#HabitFix Day of 7

Designing your environment

#HabitFix Day of 8


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RAB1012_Day 12_Social Post 1_WIP1.jpg

#HabitFix Day of 9

Coming off the trampoline

#HabitFix Day of 10

Find Yourself a Good Friend

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#HabitFix Day of 11

Leverage the people around you

#HabitFix Day of 12

Break Bad Habits

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