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Words Have Power

Words really do change the world. They can both heal and hurt. Right now, in Israel's election campaign, some politicians are once again using words to destroy rather than build. This doesn't just affect us in the here and now, for the next generation is watching.

While obvious to most, it's time to set the record straight on some of the ridiculous headline statements made by politicians across the spectrum in this campaign:

Reform Jews should not be compared to dogs.

Ultra-Orthodox should not be thrown in the garbage.

Left wingers can't be lumped together as traitors.

Right wingers can't be lumped together as fascists.

Soldiers that went through an IDF halachic conversion are not shikshas.

Unfortunately, the list goes on. In the Jewish State, we would do well to consider the immortal words of the Talmud which states that: 'the entire world exists only in the merit of the person who restrains words at the time of a quarrel.'

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