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Violence in Jerusalem

I returned to troubling violence on the streets of Jerusalem over the last week.

A disgusting TikTok trend glorifying unprovoked attacks against Jews in the city spiralled and led to several nights of violence between Arabs, Jews and the police. Vicious attacks carried out by anyone - Arab or Jew - have no place in our society, nor does incitement and violent chants by extremist celebrating or encouraging this terrible behaviour.

Jerusalem is an extraordinary city to live in. It brims with contradictions and colliding worlds, yet there is a life, soul and spirituality to the city that makes it so unique and holy to so many. It is also a beautiful scene of day-to-day co-existence and cross-communal partnerships—made all the more miraculous when so many people expect it to be the very opposite.

Let's pray that this wave of violence ends swiftly and act to ensure the city of Jerusalem maintains its rightful place as a symbol of peace for all nations.

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