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Speaking Tour in Johannesburg

I just returned from Johannesburg for my first in-person speaking tour since the onset of COVID-19.

Having missed out on almost all collective activities in the last year and with graduation fast-approaching, the King David Venture Conference was put together to create a powerful two-day experience of life lessons and Jewish learning for the Grade 12 students of the King David Schools. When Aharon Chemel, the Director of Informal Education, asked me to be the keynote presenter, I happily accepted. I came to inspire and left inspired by these passionate, engaged and thoughtful young adults, pondering life’s greatest questions and thinking about their Jewish identity as they venture into their futures.

During my additional speaking engagements to a variety of audiences across Johannesburg, it was great to see the tremendous relationships and infrastructure of the Jewish community, as they look after the vulnerable, educate the masses and service so many in this developing country. Thank you for having me and I look forward to continuing our conversations together!

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