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Parasha with Rabbi Benji

Parsha with Rabbi Benji is a unique and interesting approach to the weekly parasha, bringing ideas through different media forms so you can explore and learn in the way that's best for you. 

Click to learn more and discover beyond the Piece of Parasha to one-minute videos, and downloadable PDFs with a special message each week. 

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Adam and Eve were created as the parents of humanity. You would think their interests would be exactly the same and yet, the Torah describes their relationship as "helpers against each other" 

If they were made for each other, how can they be against each other?

Sometimes the greatest help comes from those who challenge us.

When so many of us look to surround ourselves with people that agree with us, we should be open enough to share our differences with helpers against us, as we learn the most from different opinions and views.

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Noah built a great ark and brought all the animals on board. He did everything God asked of him. But only what God asked of him. He never stopped to think what more he could do.

While he teaches us to worry about our own ark, sometimes you have to think beyond.

True greatness is not just about accepting that which is handed to you and ticking the box, but finding opportunities in that which is not and finding new boxes to tick.

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Lech Lecha

Abraham and Sarah are promised fame, fortune, and countless descendants. And yet, they are forced by famine to leave the same land God led them to, with none of these blessings fulfilled immediately.

People are often attracted to religious groups by the charisma of spiritual satisfaction, communal cohesion, or a sense of purpose that they perceive and while some of these things can come, they are seldom instantaneous. 

Abraham and Sarah teach us a healthier approach: long-lasting gain takes time. The journey towards meaning is a journey worth taking.

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