Family and Friends

We all like to prepare for the year – but how do we prepare ourselves for a successful holiday period?

Imagine you are offered a delicious sizzling steak (or vegetarian equivalent). As you are about to take your first bite you are stopped and offered $1000 instead. You choose the $1000, and are then offered two round the world tickets for you and a friend.

Clearly, the choice is obvious. Yet, once again as you reach out to take the tickets, the ultimate offer arrives – an unlimited credit card that can be yours for the rest of your life. Instantly, your the excitement kicks in and you realise what this could mean… However, there is a catch. Accepting the credit card means that you have to give up seeing and speaking to your family and friends for 10 years. I don’t know anyone who would accept this offer. Yet, how often do we get caught up in pursuing life’s superficial luxuries without considering the toll that this takes on our relationships. We are all guilty of seeking out external pleasures when in reality, positive relationships with those we care about are priceless. It is no wonder that we constantly need to replace our material possessions after a finite period of time and yet when it comes to those we love, nothing can replace quality time together.

Last week, my wife Renana, went away for a few days. Her absence forced me to spend even more time with my children. And I loved it! Being the sole person responsible for getting them ready every morning, putting them to sleep every evening and being there for anything they needed was a true joy and reminded me how lucky I am. 

We should challenge ourselves to use the opportunity to bond more with our family and friends, to foster those relationships and make memories that are more valuable than any possession we can acquire! Whilst the steak may seem tempting, the gifts we have been bestowed outdo any ‘treat’ any day.