Tu B'Av

If the month of Av had a horoscope reading it would sound something like this: “buckle up – you’re headed for an emotional rollercoaster – a time when emotions run rampant.”

Just after we are left feeling fragile and lost from the sadness of Tisha B’Av, tonight we bring in Tu B’Av, which rolls around on the full moon of Av and things take a dramatic shift. The second half of Av turns into a celebration of love and connection – culminating in Tu Ba’av – the Jewish Love Day.

Jewish teachings say that in order to feel whole, we must know what it is to feel broken. Just as we smash the glass under the Chuppah to commemorate the destruction of the temple in our most joyous time of union, we learn that we cannot have light without reflecting on darkness. 

Only by acknowledging our individual flaws and vulnerabilities can we then begin to heal them. Tonight, lets come together under the full moon of Tu B’Av to bring more light and love into this world.